Audra Diers-Lawson, Ph.D.

Photo of Audra Diers-LawsonOver the last two decades I have developed an innovation and research-driven approach to practice and knowledge development in strategic communication earning recognition for research, teaching and practice.

I am a research-active academic. As the chair of the Crisis Communication division for the European Communication, Research, and Education Association (ECREA), I am dedicated to the development and institutionalisation of risk and crisis management as a distinctive and cross-discipline area of study. I have an active research agenda with research published in top tier journals and book chapters (3* or equivalent) focusing on stakeholder attitudes towards organisations, particularly in the context of the factors influencing reputation management before, during, and after crises. My book on a stakeholder approach to crisis response will be out later in 2019. It will draw together more than 50 years of research connecting risk, issues, and crisis management with practitioner perspectives from around the world.

Second, my research also informs my teaching and training. I am interested in research-driven innovation in the classroom. To that end, I have partnered with a software developer to create and test simulation-based tools for improving learning outcomes. By developing an engagement-based model for improving learning efficacy and using technology to enhance the realism of the experience, my students receive rich and interesting learning experiences that are proving to be very successful for their hard and soft skill development.

Finally, I also have 20+ years experience as a part of a successful integrated marketing company, creating campaigns to change health policy, and introducing organisational change to a global technology company, More recently, this includes being project lead for a health alliance audit for an NHS trust and producing a research-driven strategic communication toolkit supporting the European Public Employment Service.

What’s this blog about?

Well — I will probably keep my travel photography, dog pictures, and references to the World of Warcraft to a minimum, but I will be talking a lot about the intersections of crisis, risk, current events, and social responsibility.

Why should you read? Honestly, you have to figure that one out — I’m assuming it’ll be because we either share some interest in common, you’re one of my students, or you’ve accidentally found yourself here. I do try to make sure that anything I share is reliably sourced but everything is certainly copyrighted and my own opinions (i.e., don’t hold anyone else accountable for the content).

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

I’m always open to guest posts and other forms of engagement, so feel free to contact me at audrarlawson@gmail.com.