Audra Lawson, Ph.D.

MBA-73Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace. I’m a Senior Lecturer in the UK in public relations with a specialization in crisis communication, which also means that I connect in social media and cultural issues in a lot of my emerging research. I teach classes in digital media, issues and crisis, and in the past have taught pretty much everything connected to these areas. I’m also a politics junkie, love to travel, and grew up in a family whose business was photography so there’s going to be a little of all of that in this site.

If you’re interested in the sordid details of my background, please feel free to look me up on LinkedIn.

You’ll also notice that I have an affinity for ‘z’, which probably tells you that I’m not British — I’m originally from the US, but am a very happy ex-pat these days.

What’s this blog about?

Well — it’s about my interests with an emphasis on photography and travel, research, and higher education. There’s also likely to be the odd dog picture, reference to the World of Warcraft, and occasional political or social rant.

Why should you read? Honestly, you have to figure that one out — I’m assuming it’ll be because we either share some interest in common, you’re one of my students, or you’ve accidentally found yourself here. But let’s be serious, blogs are really the epitome of self-importance and obnoxious opinion sharing, but I’m completely comfortable with that :). I do try to make sure that anything I share is at least reliably sourced but everything is certainly copyrighted and my own opinions (i.e., don’t hold anyone else accountable for the content).

I’m always open to guest posts and other forms of engagement, so feel free to contact me at audrarlawson@gmail.com.


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