Author: Audra Diers-Lawson

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Beyond Crisis Response: A Better Way to Think About Risk & Crisis Communication

When many think about crisis communication, they think about what happens once a crisis emerges and traditional research in the

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Whistleblowing: An International Perspective

On 19 November, 2020 Silvia Ravazzani and Alessandra Mazzei (IULM – Milan) host a guest talk on whistleblowing in conjunction

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Future-proofing business by building crisis capacity

The 2020 Covid pandemic has accelerated some of the ongoing changes in the retail industry and consumer expectations and habits.

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Adapting Crisis Communication Theory to a Global Environment

As I mentioned in my post the other day, I’m not able to attend the World Communication Association (WCA) conference

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Cross-Cultural Crisis Research: Self-Other Perceptual Gap

Unfortunately, this year I am not able to attend the WCA Conference in Bishkek, as I had planned. However, my

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Is No News the Same as Fake News?

In the Trump era, we’re increasingly debating what is ‘real’ news and what is ‘fake news’. I think most sensible

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