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I have opinions and am not afraid to share them. Sometimes these will focus public relations and crises and sometimes they are going to focus on politics and related topics as well.

Crisis 7 the Best of Risk & Crisis Communication Research

The field of risk and crisis communication has two major conferences for academics and practitioners to share our research —

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The Changing Nature of Crisis Communication: Reflections & Podcast

This week marks my one-year anniversary at Kristiania University College in Oslo, Norway. I can say the move to Norway

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Beyond Crisis Response: A Better Way to Think About Risk & Crisis Communication

When many think about crisis communication, they think about what happens once a crisis emerges and traditional research in the

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Is No News the Same as Fake News?

In the Trump era, we’re increasingly debating what is ‘real’ news and what is ‘fake news’. I think most sensible

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Brexit, Scotland, & Trump: Real Threats to Democracy

At this moment, I shouldn’t be writing about the chaotic politics porn from the last couple of years all wrapped

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Good resources for background research

In our crazy information rich world, it’s sometimes hard to evaluate ‘credible’ sources. I think it’s usually worth having a

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