Participate in Research

I am interested in a number of topics and the best way to improve my findings is to get more people to participate. If you’re a bit bored, have 15-20 minutes, and are willing to give your opinion on completely anonymous surveys — then this is the place to kill some time! None of this research us funded by an advocacy organisation and we have no agenda other than to explore these topics.

Interested in Internet Security and Hacking?

I am collaborating with one of  my students to better understand how people react to data breaches and the organisations whose data is hacked. We are seeing an increased number of data security breaches as hackers become more sophisticated. So, we want to better understand how people see these situations and what kind of information that people might expect to hear from organisations whose secure data is breached by hackers. This questionnaire is open to anyone from anywhere!

What do you think about vaccination?

In collaboration with another one of my students, we are exploring attitudes towards vaccination and organisations that both promote and criticise vaccination. We know this is a controversial topic, but we are trying to better understand how people respond to information both for and against vaccination. We are not promoting any perspective on vaccination; instead we are trying to understand the connections between information, organisational credibility, and how people make decisions about important topics like whether to get vaccines. This questionnaire is open to anyone anywhere, but some elements will be most relevant to the UK.